Restaurant, Bar, and Tavern Insurance

The property insurance under your restaurant policy typically won’t cover damage from hurricanes, so you may need to get additional coverage, or make sure that yours lists these storms, specifically. Talk with your agent about double-checking your policy, to avoid being unprepared when it comes to hurricanes. For instance, say your bartender serves an alcoholic beverage to an intoxicated customer. That customer then drives away in their car and causes an accident.

Learn about restaurants, bars, liquor stores commercial insurance coverages. See how small business food service insurance help protect against accidents, oversights and lawsuits resulting from business operations. Specialty brewery insurance combines elements of liquor liability insurance, property insurance and general business insurance to develop one, simpler policy. In short, restaurant insurance is a policy designed to cover all the components involved in your restaurant, from your property and supplies to your employees and customers. Obviously, serving food to the public ties directly into concerns about protecting their health, but restaurant operation comes with many different risks that are important to consider before setting up shop.

Because lighting is normally subdued, any change of elevation must be carefully marked. All fire exits should be plainly visible from any part of the premises and kept unlocked from the inside during business hours. Backup lighting should be automatically activated in the event of a power outage.

If you offer valet service, then this coverage pays for damage to cars in your business’ care. This insurance kicks in if there is damage resulting from the consumption of liquor or other alcohol at your bar. When some drinks to excess and then causes damage or harm, this protection can be invaluable. This makes it even more important to protect the bar’s assets from liability claims with bar insurance New York through this link

He focuses on corporate transactions in the insurance industry, including mergers and acquisitions, financings and pension risk transfer transactions. He is a frequent author and speaker on legal developments affecting the insurance industry. He has also acted as company counsel on several of the major U.S. life insurer demutualizations. Mr. Kelly is chair of the Insurance Law Committee of the New York State Bar Association and is chair of the Corporate Section of the Association of Life Insurance Counsel.

That’s why you need liquor liability insurance to cover you from all the mentioned troubles. There are major differences in the food service business and the very different exposures they present. There are many specific types of restaurants to cater to individual needs and tastes. There a several main commercial insurance classifications for food service.

We can service your restaurant insurance needs in Parish, New York including the Camden, Central Square, Hastings, Mexico, and Pulaski areas. General Liability Insure does not warrant or make any representations regarding the usefulness of or the expected results of the material contained on this website. You should contact your attorney, accountant and/or financial adviser to obtain advice with respect to any particular commercial insurance question, claim or issue. The employees in many bars tend to be minimum wage and turnover may be high. Company incentives to encourage long-term employment are positive signs of management control. Premises liability exposures are high due to public access to the premises and the serving of alcoholic beverages, which can impair motor abilities and increase the likelihood of trips, slips, or falls.

WC insurance provides coverage to employees if they are hurt in a job related accident. If you have the right types of commercial insurance, you can usually do just that. Appropriate coverage will safeguard your business against costly losses that could put you deep into the red. Would you rather have an insurance agent who only has one company’s insurance options to offer, or an agent with access to several top New York insurers? This is only one of the many benefits your independent agent at Newbridge Coverage Corporation can offer you. When you are looking for basic coverage, you may need these business insurance options.