Security Risk Specialists

Our most popular service – Advising what is the most common sense, logical plan to minimise risk to your business, assets, family and yourself. This could be relative to your family or protecting your business with strategic advice or intelligence gathering operations. A day and night Security Team to protect your assets and family when in Residence.

Working together with our licensed security guards, our security dogs act as an additional pair of eyes and ears on your location. Their quick reactions, incredible senses and loud barks can act as an early alarm as well as a deterrent to any would-be intruders. Our loyal clients range from retail outlets to large corporations, meaning our security guards are experienced in security all across the board, and we are one of the security company london you can trust. With our SafeContractor rating and 100% money back guarantee, there are no safer hands than Magenta Security’s.

Our vision is the opposite of the industry’s “one-stop shop” approach, where one business provides security, cleaning and other Soft FM services. We are highly experienced security professionals and we are proud to be a dynamic and agile provider of specialist security services across London and the UK. TSS has been instrumental in providing an excellent manned guarding service to Waitrose for many years now. Last year they worked in close partnership with my team in producing Brexit contingency planning, this year they have supported us with Manned Guarding and Queue Marshals for Covid-19.

At Divine Security, we provide expert security services to protect your business and reduce your security risk. We will collaborate with you to deliver exceptional solutions that really meet your business needs. Executive security services across London, UK & EU, ex-military, & ex-special forces close protection officers/bodyguards. For high net worth individuals, celebrities and royalty, for home, business or travel. When it comes to event security, Leisure Guard Security offers only the best. Our experienced team do more than just being a secure presence; we also liaise with your venue to ensure the evacuation procedures and capacity rules are safe and appropriate.

Security services for construction sites – day and night, 24/7 – from tools and materials theft, criminal damage and other losses and business disruption. An important visual deterrent, the presence of security guards will significantly minimise the chance of vandalism, trespassing theft and other crime. Security should be high on the agenda for any retail business, whether you run a small boutique, department store or supermarket. Shoplifting, stock damage and anti-social behaviour are significant security risks.