Online Games – Are They Safe?

Online pkv games are the rage nowadays, everyone has their own opinion on how good online games are and how much social interaction they add to a game’s fun factor. What people do not know is that the evolution of online games is only the beginning of its long journey into mainstream society. It’s only a matter of time before online games are as popular as video games in real life. In fact, just the other day, I was looking at a few online games that are very popular right now.

An online game is basically a video game which is either largely or partially played over the Internet or some other virtual computer network. Video games, which are created by highly advanced technology which imitates human activities and senses are usually known as online games. One of the latest online games, which have become extremely popular these days is the “World of Warcraft” franchise.

Freemium is an online gaming concept that emerged from several years of intense research and development. The basic idea behind it was that the key to making money online way to make something which is engaging enough so that you would keep coming back and play more, thus, creating huge profits for all those who created it. A lot of innovations were then introduced to better facilitate this concept. The first thing which was introduced was online gaming itself. In the beginning, only free online games were being developed and sold, however, this quickly changed when the developers realized that the Internet offers a lot of potential traffic, thus, it makes sense to monetize your players’ experience, therefore, they started to create “proper” games like “Halo”, “Metal Gear Solid” etc.

However, with the popularity of premium games also came another innovation: safe online gaming. Safe online gaming involves implementing complex coding techniques which protect players from the attack of certain online predators. This was later adopted as a “paid” service by several gaming companies, which then started developing various “safe” games which are exclusively meant for cyber bullying prevention.

It has been proven that most online predators, while lurking in” LAN” (local area network) or” Wireless” (wireless networking) areas, are not very careful with what they do since these areas are generally unsecured, making them easy targets for cyber bullying and other types of harassment which may come in the form of flashing images, popping up messages or disturbing audio clips. These video games can easily be downloaded by anyone who is connected to the Internet, thus, making it extremely difficult to find and remove. Thus, instead of removing these, many companies have developed programs that will “opt-out” players from participating in online gaming communities which are often frequented by kids who are vulnerable to harassment.

The main objective of any good online security solution or application is to prevent penetration and spread of any malicious applications and programs into a system. Most free online games are downloaded by people from different countries and different backgrounds, which increase the risk of someone with a specific country and background installing a virus or malicious program. Therefore, by using a security application or solution, you are really limiting the access of those players from that particular country to play online games. Since so many people enjoy online games, many companies have released products that will soon attempt to create a market for online games by creating a few branded video games that will be available only within a specific geographical area. In the end, this will only benefit consumers by providing them with great gaming experiences and by serving as a huge protection against online predators.