Find The best Time now With John Legend

You can find John Legend to perform in Dubai for DSF Closing Celebration now. At the john legend concert 2020 you can find the perfect voice. In an attempt to surpass Curtis Mayfield’s “famous genius,” John introduced the audience to the beautiful and gentle composition “Stay With You,” which once again proved his incredible ability to turn his own artistry into music.

What He Says

“Initially, the name of John Legend was given to me by a friend from Chicago because he believed that I looked like a musician of the “old school,” John admits. “At first I thought it was fun, but then many of my friends started calling me that.

As a result, I caught myself thinking that the name “Legend” in my address began to use more often than my real name. Then I decided to use this alias on stage. I understand that this sounds a bit arrogant, but it seemed to me that with that name I would definitely stand out from the crowd. I thought that this way people will pay more attention to me. And when I manage to draw attention to myself, I hope that people will fall in love with my music. As “John Legend” I put pressure on myself, but I want to match my name and hope that my music will also be in harmony with him.” At the john legend live concert you can get the best time.

Only once having heard the deep and at the same time sharp album “Get Lifted”, you can understand that John Legend is certainly worthy of his name, starting a new chapter in his career.

  • Real name is John Stevens. Born December 28, 1978 in Springfield, USA. According to the zodiac sign Capricorn. His height is 175 cm, weight 65 kg. He is a world famous music artist.

What does It Say?

From an early age, John was surrounded by music. His parents are somehow connected with her, so the boy showed love for this area. At the age of four, he learned to play the piano, and at age 11 he began to sing in the church choir. This undoubtedly improved the musical skills of the future celebrity.

  • After leaving school and university, John did not lose hope of becoming a famous musician. In the period from 2000 to 2001, he travels a lot, writes new compositions. At the same time, his first album was created, which brings him little fame. Kanye West pays attention to him. Friendship with a celebrity makes John famous.


In 2004, the album Get Lifted was released, which also featured Kanye West and Snupp Dogg. The album is becoming incredibly popular, occupying the first lines of international ratings. Then John becomes very popular all over the world. Famous performers began to invite him to cooperation, he performed at the largest venues in the world. The tour followed one after another. John began to take part in television programs. This made him famous, a fan club formed. Subsequent songs secured success, brought international awards, including a Grammy. All you need now is the john legend concert tickets, the best time goes right there now.