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Florida’s LSTA program is administered by the Department of State’s Division of Library and Information Services. Skilled trades and some other professions may need a business license. Small businesses are the backbone of Florida’s economy. With around two million registered businesses and an $800 billion economy, Florida is a great place to start or grow your business. In the short amount of time that I have worked here, I quickly realized that this is a company that truly cares not just about patient care but of their employees as well. By providing the best customer service on my part is what I always intend to do whether I’m having a bad day or not I provide the best and most utter, professional customer service possible.

Florida Small Businesses Near Me sustainability consultant Barbara Englehart said there are numerous benefits for companies that go green, including reduced costs, risks and liabilities and increased employee retention, productivity and moral. “”Some of my clients have leveraged their books to generate more and better speaking opportunities, more frequent appearances on business shows, and opportunities to work with better clients,”” said ghostwriter Jeff Haden. “”Great content can help build a great foundation for a business or personal brand.”” If you’ve ever dreamed of opening a restaurant or a food truck, this just might be the time to do it.

Commercial Debt Refinancing Commercial Debt Refinancing Refinance commercial mortgage and other business debt up to 90% with or without a cash-out option. Green Efficiency Loans Green Efficiency Loans Go green with your project and qualify for additional financing at up to 90%. 504 Bridge Loans 504 Bridge Loans Interim phase second mortgage “”bridge”” financing for our 504 commercial lending partners. Rebuild Florida Business Loan Fund Rebuild Florida Business Loan Fund A resiliency working capital loan fund to help Florida’s small businesses and its economy to grow and prosper. Florida Recycling Loan Program Florida Recycling Loan Program Low cost loans to support industrial recycling throughout the state of Florida.

The cost of starting a business depends on the exact nature of your company. However, all businesses are subject to a $100 fee to file articles of organization with the Florida Secretary of State’s office, as well as a $25 registered agent fee. EFI provides export counseling for small businesses looking to expand their product offerings to the international marketplace. For more information on how EFI can help your small business access international trade opportunities, visit the Export from Florida section of our website. The type of business structure you choose for your company will affect you and your co-owners’ financial and tax liability. There are several major types of business structures, each with its unique advantages and disadvantages.

“”Florida doesn’t have a state income tax or some of the other nuisance business taxes found in other states,”” said Robert Livingstone, president and founder of Florida is generally known as a state with an overall low tax burden. It is one of the nine states that don’t have a personal income tax, making it a highly attractive location for pass-through entities, such as LLCs and S corporations. News ranked Florida’s economy eighth in the nation based on its growth, employment and business environment. Many of these resources and programs are funded under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Limited Liability Companies —These structures are similar to partnerships and sole proprietorships but possess similar liability standards as those of corporations. Partnerships—Structures in which two or more people share ownership and liability. There are three partnership sub-structures that attribute the co-owners’ shares of ownership and liability differently. Owners (called “shareholders”) possess very limited liability because the corporation is considered a legal entity with its own liability separate from its owners and operators. Machinery and equipment; acquisition of land as part of a business development project; FF&E; and commercial real estate.

Balancing this is a steady influx of new job seekers who will continue to move to Florida. Southeast Florida, in particular, has a large workforce, followed by the Tampa Bay region. That said, hurricane season can be a boon for certain types of businesses, such as roofing and construction companies, hardware stores, and grocery stores. “”Hurricane season brings a lot of uncertainty to the market,”” Livingstone said. “”If you are looking to open an aging healthcare or routine medical practice, be prepared to be busy from November to May, yet very slow in the summer and hurricane months.””

Apartnership, like a sole proprietorship, is an informal unincorporated business structure but with multiple owners. Similarly, partnerships do not have liability protection that you find with a formal business structure. The U.S. Small Business Administration Boots to Business program works with its resource partners to connect transitioning service members with the tools, training and support to help start and grow a business.Learn more. UCF Business Incubation Program is a University-driven community partnership providing entrepreneurs and early stage small businesses in Central Florida with the tools and training to grow and succeed.Learn more. A sole proprietorship is operated and owned by a single person who is often legally indistinguishable from their business.

EFI is a public-private partnership between Florida’s business and government leaders whose mission is to expand and diversify the state’s economy through job creation. EFI’s minority and small business partners provide small and minority owned businesses with training, development and financing options. For any business (unless you plan to be your business’s sole employee), building a strong team is a crucial next step in starting a successful business. But it isn’t just about finding the right people; you need to ensure you stay compliant with requirements for hiring employees legally. This includes ensuring that you are registered with the IRS for employee taxes and reporting new hires to the State of Florida.

There are also no state laws requiring employers to provide employees with vacation benefits or sick leave, either paid or unpaid. Florida’s minimum wage is $10 as of September 2021, but it will go up by $1 each year until it reaches $15 in September 2026. Florida labor laws do not say anything about overtime payment requirements, but federal overtime laws apply.