Education Scholarships

The scholarship program for education in Philippines is available for students who maintain good academic performance. These students may have excellent family background and be an excellent student in their schools. The scholarship program enables them to continue with their higher studies even if financially distressed. The scholarship program offers full time, part time, tuition assistance or a combination of both as per the financial need.

The scholarship program for education in Philippines provides admission process that is convenient to almost all the students in different colleges and universities in the Philippines. The eligibility requirement does not only focuses on academic performance but also on financial need and language skills. There is no entrance exam or separate entrance exam for the scholarship program for education in Philippines. The whole admission process takes place under one roof – the university’s website. Once you submit your scholarship application, you will be contacted by several universities that would provide the appropriate academic performance requirements.

The Noyce Scholarship is offered by the Department of Education in collaboration with the Association of International School Alumni and is intended for academically talented Filipina women with an interest in science, mathematics and engineering. The program offers full time and part time admission for university students. Full time students are eligible to apply for the Noyce Scholarship. Part time students are also eligible for the Noyce Scholarship but they can opt for the same program for fall or winter semester. The Noyce scholars will be awarded a grant that can support them in pursuing Ph.D. or other further studies.

TheAyala Scholarship is another scholarship program that provides education funds to Filipino students. The Ayala Scholarship is offered by the Government of Philippines and aims to support academically talented students who pursue higher education. For every four years of full time study or approximately 12 months of post-secondary studies, the prospective students will be given with a grant that can cover expenses including tuition fees, lab fees and other school related expenses. This scholarship program has specific requirements and they are academic excellence, talent and diversity. In order to be eligible for this scholarship program, students need to have first been admitted to any university in the country.

There are other programs that you can avail in order to fund your higher education such as the scholarship program for education in science, technology, engineering and math. This scholarship program is targeted towards female students and aims to increase the participation of women in higher education. The students will be given grants ranging from ten thousand dollars to twenty four thousand dollars. The criteria for eligibility also include high school diploma or its equivalent. Visit coca cola scholarship for more information.

The Clark Scholars Program is another education scholarship program that is designed especially for academically talented women from disadvantaged communities. The scholarships cover a full fee undergraduate program. In order to be eligible for this scholarship program, the students need to be US citizens or eligible non US citizens. The students will need to demonstrate a need for financial assistance with a low income and need to demonstrate potential to become financially independent after attending college. Another very important criterion is the English fluency. Applicants need to prove that they meet the specified criteria and have an undeclared credit card.