General Manufacturing Products

General manufacturing is the process by which raw materials are converted into finished goods. The conversion process of general manufacturing products may be done either at the end of manufacturing the goods in hand or at the beginning of manufacturing them. General manufacturing products are those items produced by large and medium scale manufacturing concerns engaged in manufacturing different types of goods. Some of the general manufacturing products are the raw materials, the finished goods and the intermediate goods. There are several types of general manufacturing products. Click here for more information about India Manufacturing .

Among these are chemicals, fuels, non-metallic goods, mechanical production and industrial supplies. Among these chemicals are detergents, chlorinated water, petroleum jelly, rubber and plastic products, rubber products, synthetic fibers, rubber gloves, certain plastics and paper products. Among the fuels are gas, fuel oil, motor oil, vaporizes, kerosene, gasoline, diesel and pulp. Among the non-metallic goods are copper, iron, aluminum, lead, tin, glass and rubber products used for manufacturing watches, calculators and watches and thermometers.

Among the intermediate products are fabrics, textiles, adhesives, garments, machine tools, parts and machineries. Among the components are chemicals and machinery parts. Some of the machines are electric engines, steam turbines, saws, textile cutting and sewing machines and engines used to manufacture electrical or optical fibers. Some of the mechanical products manufactured include pumps, compressors, concrete pump, railway engines, air compressors, road rollers and ballast and wheel rollers. Some of the industrial supplies are glass, cement, metal sheets, cement piers, bricks and tiles, lumber and adhesives, plasters, cement mixes, cement sheets, sand, gravel and stone, plumbing materials, electric wiring and electric motor parts and equipments.