Gold drops to a low of several days holding above USD 1600

Gold traded with a slight negative effort through the early European session, falling to a low of several days at the last hour, although still able to hold more than USD 1600.

Gold has been a very valuable commodity for thousands of years and the price of gold is widely accepted in financial markets around the world. Generally quoted in US dollars (XAU / USD), the price of gold increases when stocks and bonds decline. Improve your technical analysis of live gold prices with real-time XAU / USD stock or Nysearca soxl stock chart at , read our latest gold news, expert analysis and gold price forecast.

Gold futures trading is on the rise as gold prices have fluctuated in recent months. Gold futures are contracts that offer gold at an agreed price in the future. The benefit of trading gold futures is that this asset is traded through a centralized exchange, which allows for greater leverage and flexibility than one might gain when trading gold as an asset.

XAU / USD exchange rate

XAU / USD is a US. This is the ratio of gold to the dollar, and it appears in commodity markets. World currencies are affected by the rise in gold prices and higher prices are more significant for large gold producing countries such as Canada, Australia and South Africa. An investor who believes that the price of gold will continue to rise, may trade in the Australian dollar (AUD), the Canadian dollar (CAD) or the South African Rand (ZAR) instead of investing only in the US dollar, because other currencies have tremendous potential.

Price fluctuations

Gold per dollar is traded on several financial transactions, primarily in New York, Hong Kong, Zurich, Tokyo and Sydney. However, the biggest influence on the global gold market is the London gold market. The price of gold is highly volatile, but for commercial purposes it is usually fixed by the Gold Gold Market Fixing Limited at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm every business day. It is important to look at charts for a trend in the price of gold before buying futures at any time of the year.

There is no doubt that the price of gold is important for traders of many currencies because of the correlation between gold and currency values. For this reason, the Daily Forex Group is trying to provide regular updates on the price of gold today. Get the latest information here, or see how this metal works over time. You can gain more stock information at .